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Situated in the heart of the Barrington Coast and known for its world-class surfing, laidback lifestyle and close proximity to Forster-Tuncurry, Pacific Palms encompasses Blueys Beach, Boomerang Beach, Elizabeth Beach, Charlotte Bay, Smiths Lake, Sandbar, Whoota, Booti Booti and Wallingat National Parks and the Port Stephens and Great Lakes Marine Park.
Pacific Palms also edges on Wallis Lake and is a short drive from Myall Lake National Park and the seaside fishing village of Seal Rocks, home to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, the second most Easterly point of Australia.

The Beaches

boomerang beach surfing 88 south accommodation surf
Looking to catch the best breaks? Want to enjoy a family day at the beach or lake? In Pacific Palms, you have options to suit everyone and every day.
Boomerang Beach - mere steps! Blueys Beach - 1km, Elizabeth Beach (patrolled on weekends, and school holidays) - 2km, Smiths Lake - 8.5km, Sandbar - 9.5km, Wallis Lake Sailing Club - 11km, Neranie, Myall Lake - 19km, Seal Rocks - 25km

The National Parks

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a bushwalk under the cabbage tree palms, kayaking spot, scenic outlook or want to catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s rarest birdlife, between Myall Lakes National Park, Booti Booti National Park and Wallingat National Park, we’ve got you covered!

The Active Stuff

In between surfing, fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and bushwalking you’ll have plenty to do to get your heart pumping while connecting with nature. If you’re someone who loves finding their flow both in a studio and outdoors, you’ll love discovering all the ways to practice yoga in Pacific Palms.
Our Faves: Kayaking at Myall Lakes, Pacific Palms SUP , Blueys Yoga, Yoga Heart & Healing, Bungwahl Yoga Room

The Eats

boomerang beach 88 south accommodation eat cafe restaurant acai bowl smoothie fresh healthy
Grabbing a coffee, bite to eat or bottle of wine is just a stroll or short drive away!
Our Go-To Spots: Kembali Cafe 1.1km, Jenz @ Blueys Beach 1.3km, Drift Cafe - 1.1km, Hueys at Blueys Pizza Bar 1.2km, Blueys Cellar & Deli - 1km Sips at Mobys - 800m Pacific Palms Recreation Club - 3.2km